When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve? 

I provide guidance, integrative practices, and physical training to cancer patients and survivors, overweight professionals, and anyone who wants to achieve their health and wellness goals, through practical and lasting lifestyle coaching methods. 
I use a holistic approach that embodies nutrition, yoga, Thai yoga massage therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy to boost the immune system, strengthen the body, and relax the mind.



Ayoub accompanied me at its best during my way to fight against ovarian cancer. His holistic approach helped enormously to stay positive even in very hard moments. Ayoub is a very empathetic person, who spurts what his counterpart just needs. I would look for his advice any time again.



I needed to make some lifestyle changes due to some health issues….in came Ayoub. Ayoub’s background and knowledge in medicine and his holistic health training made him the perfect person for me to work with on this journey. Ayoub is an incredible, inspiring coach who takes into consideration his client’s lifestyle and fitness levels to create an individual program for weight loss and overall health. His passion to help people reach their goals is infectious. Working with Ayoub is more than a “weight loss program” – you learn about yourself, why you made/make the choices you do and how to make positive changes for now and in the future. I cannot recommend Ayoub highly enough – great coach and a great person! His teaching will be with me for life!



Due to Ayoub's strong background and knowledge in health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness and his strong commitment to his clients, I cannot recommend him highly enough. His work expands from clinical support to weight management, and as well practices a healthy lifestyle himself-being a model example to his clients. Ayoub is particularly adept at helping clients adopt healthy behaviors and have them stick.



Ayoub Abdelmoula, CHHC, is an outstanding health coach and nutrition counselor. He is a shining star, representing this company and other health programs. He introduced me and my wife to his protocol and through his refreshing professionalism, expertise and dedication helped us succeed in achieving our weight loss goals. He became our health coach and friend. He was always accessible to us via phone calls, E-mails, and our weekly office visits. I highly recommend him. The best advice he gave us is “Get Healthy as if your life depends on it.”



Ayoub is an incredible individual who puts his clients' needs as a priority. Very passionate to help people reaching their health and nutrition goals. I recommend Ayoub to anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way and open to learning about themselves in the process. He will change your life!



In working with Ayoub, I found him to be a great motivator, who helps one reach their goals with his positive/supportive influence. Ayoub takes great pride in his work and is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for real progress regarding their health goals.



After reading the recommended books, I realized that my concepts of happiness were totally wrong. When I met Ayoub, I urged him to help me lose weight. I thought that the sooner I lose weight the happier I will be. In fact, the more I focused on this goal the more depressed I got. By reading the books Ayoub recommended and by following his wise advice on how to accept myself and be grateful for just the way I am, I changed completely my priorities and my goals. I’m taking a step back now and trying to transfer myself from the inside. Ayoub’s holistic approach is helping me lose the weight on my mind first.